"Liang Jian" is a classic spirit.

Wherever the arrow pointed, it was invincible.
No matter how strong the opponent, the man with the bow, dare to shoot arrows.
Even if you lose, it will be a glorious defeat.
Just like the classic style of Arrow Feather, it has been imitated and never surpassed after years of hard work.



"Qiu Bi Jian" suggests noble love.

The arrow needs to be carefully sharpened to penetrate and embed in the heart of the lover.
The eyewear have two arrows facing each other.
The legs of the eyewear are close together and inseparable.
It means two-way love.




"Dao Jian" has an indescribable beauty.

The originally extremely light eyewear legs, with a seemingly thick plate material, add more beauty.
Like sword and arrow, they fight each other and coexist harmoniously.



"Ji Jian" is a model of elegance.

The legs of the eyewear look thin and soft,
but they are straight and sharp.
Just like fencing,
it is fashionable and noble.
And, it is called the "ballet" in combat.




"Bai Wang Jian" is a symbol of strong strength.

This arrow is heavy.
However, it is domineering without losing coordination, simple without losing elegance.
"In particular, the two unique blood grooves on the eyewear' legs made the sense of bloody rain from the ancient battlefield come to our face."



"Xuan Yuan Jian" is a legendary existence.

Its infinite power was born in fairy tales.
"""Yellow Emperor"" is not only the founder of the history of Chinese civilization, but also the symbol of the Chinese nation."
The flash diamond embedded in the leg of such eyewear shines like a bright pearl in China.



"She Jian" can be invigorated.

This eyewear leg with beautiful lines and radians is like a perfect parabola.
The legs of the eyewear are like the archery track that falls naturally due to gravity due to high-speed shooting.
Regardless of age and gender,every arrow shot is a challenge to overcome oneself.



Those who hold the "Yi Tian Jian" should be calm.

"Yi Tian Jian" is the sword of Cao Cao, a famous man in ancient China.
It is incomparably sharp and is an example of a sword.
The arrows on the eyewear' legs are extremely sharp.
As the saying goes, calm is the true king style.







"Shi Zhong Jian" is full of magic.

It is a famous sword in English legend, which originated from the poem magician "Merlin".
"Sword in Stone" not only represents the divine right of the monarch, but also represents the moral character of a monarch.
The unique temperament of this eyewear can't match the real warrior.



"Jun Zi Jian" is full of wisdom.

A true gentleman should constantly strive for self-improvement.
The legs of the eyewear are shaped like arrows, with sharp edges and corners.
The whole body radiates bright chivalry.
It has outstanding temperament and is unparalleled in the world.