Brand Concept


FANSU originates from Shangjiu Trigram, Bi Hexagram of I CHING:

‘No decoration is a form of decoration. There is nothing to blame about it.’

It means the ultimate magnificence does not need decoration and the ultimate decoration goes back to basics.

Designer applies unadorned aesthetics of “Chinese style elements” to pursue the beauty of no decoration and achieve ultimate magnificence.

Brand Concept (4)


The brand deeply taps the beauty of origin from all things and persists in artistic design of returning to the original nature.

It combines eastern philosophy with modern trends and creates a life attitude of ‘being natural and pure and keeping inner persistence’ desired in the future life.

Brand Concept (2)


The most beautiful things often only need to return to the original state of purity,without external decoration to beautify.

In the simple and practical form,the natural beauty of the thing itself can be more appreciated.

This is the beauty of "FANSU".